Sitting WITH Yourself

Through this journey we call life, it is imperative we take the time to look inward.

In the day and age we live in, where technology occupies so much of our time — distractions are constant. Most of us don’t even spend a mere 20 minutes a week sitting with ourselves, either introspecting or clearing our thoughts. Instead, we veg out by watching reality television, we click through our phone when we’re waiting for our friend, we listen to music when we get into our Uber. We are always filling in the gaps of time by finding something to do instead of simply being.

Here are five reasons you should spend some time with yourself:

1.Reflection and Growth

Oftentimes our inability to sit with ourselves detains us from looking inward and moving towards growth. Being with ourselves gives us the time and space we need in order to reflect on the areas of our lives we’d like to improve. It gives us the opportunity to write out our goals, our progress, and the changes we want to make in our lives.


Studies have shown that solitude stimulates creativity. Why else, do artists and authors oftentimes lock themselves up to create? When we are alone without any outside noise, we give our minds the opportunity to wander freely. This allows for a sense of inhibition and flow.


We are constantly thinking and doing. It is so important to practice mindfulness, because our thoughts are more powerful than we realize. Our thoughts create our reality. So taking time to be with ourselves, to clear our minds without any distractions, allows us to quiet and thus reboot our brain. For example, think about what happens when you’ve been on your laptop for ages with a bazillion tabs open. It begins to overheat and the noisy fan suddenly turns on. The fan indicates to us that the machine needs a break, we need to close down those tabs and only then will the laptop be quiet. In the same way, we need to quiet down the noisy fan in the machine that is our mind so that it can be revitalized.

4.Better Relationships

When we are constantly around people, we are expending a higher level of energy, than we do when we are alone. It takes a lot of energy out of us and can oftentimes leave us feeling drained. As an extrovert, it takes me a longer time to reach that point, but nevertheless that point still exists. Spending time with ourselves, allows us to re-energize so that when we are around people, we are present. The period of reflection that comes with solitude, also gives us time to understand not only ourselves, but the people around us better. When we see them for who they are, without any judgement, we can have compassion for them.

5.Spiritual Growth

Personally, I never understood what was meant by meditation. When I decided to give it a go again at the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to meditate at least four times a week, and what I discovered was nothing short of miraculous. I started small, beginning with two to three minutes of meditation every morning. Then I worked my way up to five minuted, then eight minutes etc. And slowly it got easier. Until I had an awakening. I felt my soul, my spirit, my essence. I was connected with myself in a way I never dreamed possible and more importantly I felt a connection to a force much larger than mine. I felt connected to the Universe and all of its beings. I always knew that we were one, but this was different, this time I felt it. I could feel that despite our differences, we were all interconnected. Meditation led me to a connection to something much larger than me. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world and I hope everyone experiences that high vibrational feeling at least once in their lifetime.

Being with ourselves doesn’t mean we are lonely, or alone. If we don’t enjoy our own company, there’s something to be said for that. If that is in fact the case, then there are steps one should take to change that predicament. Once we perceive time as a gift, and utilize it for our development whether spiritual or creative etc. we are moving towards our growth.



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